About the Artist

Shauna Blake started painting in her early teens and has devoted her entire working life to her artwork. She has a love for nature and the outdoors and uses the inspiration and energy it provides to create her art.

   In 1994 she graduated college from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh where she studied Graphic Design and Illustration. She worked in the Graphic Design field for 7 years before joining her husband, Brendan in his glass art business in 2001. Here she expanded her art by studying and creating lampwork glass beads.
   Then in 2009 she discovered silk painting. She found that painting on silk was the perfect fit for her creative and expressive artistic style. Thus Quintessence Silk Art was born.

Artist Statement…
   Creating high quality artwork has been a lifelong passion for me, which only seems to grow with the passage of time. As a young child, I experienced the joy of creating and the sense of a oneness with all things everywhere. These fond memories embody a deep rooted connection to myself and to the world around me.
  Creating these artworks gives me a great sense of enduring joy and it is my hopeful wish that the same be true for you.
​Warmest Regards,
Shauna Blake